The General Department began to function as a fully fledged unit with the incorporation of the department of Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering to the already existing Department of Printing Technology in the College. Geared towards a comprehensive development of our learners, the department handles varied disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Physical Education. The department is committed to providing a learning environment that accelerates the assimilation of the fundamental principles of science that lays the foundation for a Diploma in Engineering. A well- stocked science lab aids this endeavour. A fully functional language lab is an asset to the learner's overall growth including their communication skills and their individual development as technicians and professionals in the global scenario. The Physical Education wing of the General Department ensures the physical well being and consequently the competence of the learners to navigate the challenges of life and their profession. A team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty proves to be the backbone of the department as it attempts to inculcate a sense of moral responsibility in our learners towards their societies and is actively involved in fine-tuning them for their future roles as technicians and professionals of the highest international standard.



Engineering (Applied) Science Lab The science lab is well furnished and elaborated.We have the facility of doing sufficient experiments in Physics and Chemistry . The labs will be highly useful for developing the experimental and practical skills of the students, so that they will get a strong foundation for their Engineering courses.