Computer Engineering Department was established in 1989. We have an annual intake of 60 with additional 10% for lateral entry students. Our laboratories are well equipped with new generation Computers and softwares to endure students with rapidly changing technologies. The Department guides and molds the students to become eminent computer engineers who have sound technical and management skills. Students are given opportunities to develop their personality along with technical skills. Department highly promote and provides support to student's innovative ideas. Department organises Industrial visits at various Companies that have high turnover. The students are also provided with various training to develop soft skill, communication skill, teamwork and lifelong learning skill as part of ASAP. As the learning method is being outcome based which makes the transition effortless from institution to industry. The Computer Engineering Association conducts and co-ordinates various programs like seminars, exhibitions etc. In order to gather ideas from the industry. the association conducts various industry interaction programmes. It also demands students to present papers on various topics during association meetings to make sure that they are actively participating. Majority of students from this department are getting placements in good IT companies after completing their course of study. We are maintaining a good relation with alumni which helps the students for better prospects and improvement of quality


"To be a center of expertise producing a generation with deep technical problem solving and leadership skills to confront with the latest technology and to harness software skills to empower the society and environment"..


Developing emerging leaders in education by encouraging industrial interaction and societal connection with safety and environmental standards.
Building up of infrastructure and facilities to endure with rapidly changing technological advancements
Improving the morale of students with self confidence through technical and interactive learning,






Computer Engineering Laboratory

Object oriented programming
Data Structure Lab
System Administration Lab
Computer system Hardware Lab
Microprocessor Lab
Web programming Lab
ComputerNetwork engineering Lab
Microcontroller Lab
Smart Device Programming lab
Project Lsn